This 3 months programme is designed to empower you to create a fulfilling career, whilst maintaining a healthy balance in your life. By applying “the Smart Way” principles you will get the success and the recognition you deserve without the stress and the overwhelm. At the end of this programme you will be able to achieve more at work and in your personal life.     

Together we will work through 3 modules:

  1. KNOW – Raise awareness, understand what is important to youand prioritise
  2. BELIEVE - Raise your profile, tackle self-limiting beliefs
  3. ACHIEVE - Raise your game, have a strong vision and GO FOR IT!


This 6 months to 1 year program allows us to work at a “deeper” level, and search for answers to bigger questions in life such as finding your “purpose”.

This programme is suitable for you if you are looking to make bigger changes such as moving to a different role or planning to start something completely new!

At the end of this programme you will live a more “meaningful” life in your own terms.



I work with organisations to deliver group sessions and training. My corporate programmes include:


Tailor made workshops are delivered on subjects such as but not limited to Work/Life Balance and Career Planning/Goal Setting.


Tailor made Training Programmes are delivered on subjects such as but not limited to Employee Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence/Resilience


Bespoke Executive Coaching Services are provided to support & enhance the performance of Executives and Senior Managers at work.